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Her Empire Builder with Tina Tower

May 19, 2020

I am celebrating today! You know, we make goals and we boldly go after them and sometimes we hit them and sometimes we don’t. One of my biggest life goals was to write a book and in November 2019, my first book ONE LIFE, How to Have the Life of your dreams, hit book stores and it was, I think, one of the proudest moments of my life.

My goal when it came out was to get it in 10,000 people’s hands in it’s first year. Unless it’s a sleeper that’s going to fly in the next 6 months, I will fall short, but today, I am celebrating because we’ve just hit 2000 copies sold and that is a mammoth effort and something that I am so grateful for. I wrote the book because I wanted people to strive for more and know that you can design your own life, whatever that may look like. You don’t have to be defined by the past and you have the power to change your belief systems and create the exact future that you want and have all the things that are important to you and that is what ONE LIFE is all about. So today, I am sharing the Audible clips for the Introduction and Chapter 1 so that if you haven’t read it already, you can get a bit of taste for it and then of course, buy the book! If you have read it, you can enjoy the reminder. For those of you who listen to my podcast here regularly, you’ll probably get a good giggle from my “reading voice”. Recording the book on Audible was so much more difficult than I ever anticipated. I never realised how incomplete my sentences are or how many tangents I try to go off on or how much I swallow mid-sentence as I’m talking. None of that is acceptable when recording an audio book and so there’s so many stops and starts to get the one complete perfect piece and the whole book which comes in at around 4 hours, took 3 6 hour days to record. So my voice is very slow and measured which is new for me.

If you hear the book and want to pick up a copy to continue, you can of course get the audio version on Audible, or you can get the book from Amazon or your local book store, or if you’re in Australia you can get a copy on my website and I’ll send it to you signed, gift wrapped, with some stickers and a book mark for $29.95 including postage.