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Her Empire Builder with Tina Tower

Feb 23, 2021

🎧 Your voice deserves to be heard. It's the main message from my fabulous podcast guest this week, the incredible Ronsley Vaz. 

Ronsley's bio (which you'll see below) is an outline of awesome achievement, but why I wanted so badly to interview him is because he's such a beautiful and interesting guy. 


Feb 16, 2021

🎧 All of us in the online course game know this feeling! You get set for launch and all of the self doubt and weight of expectation sets in and you wonder whether you’re going to become a proven success or a big giant loser! (laugh face) Launching is so much fun, but it’s also filled with emotions. 🎧

Feb 9, 2021

🎧  My guest on the podcast this week is the fabulous Fairien Azeem - the money coach to money coaches 🎧

Fairien is a multi award winning financial professional who brings money, substance, experience &  sophistication with the ‘woo’ in a down to earth fun and fabulous way. Fairien has over 20 years experience...

Feb 2, 2021

Lauren Salaun is my guest in this weeks episode talking about the importance of PR, visibility and influencer marketing for your business. We start our conversation by hearing Lauren's story of how she left the PR corporate world burnt out & stressed, to creating her own online business & running courses like The...