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Her Empire Builder with Tina Tower

Mar 16, 2021

🎧 This week on the Her Empire Builder Podcast, I am lucky enough to speak to the wonderful Bec & Joe Winston from “Need a System”.

Bec & Joe have spent the last decade learning about the importance of systemising your business. They help business-building couples with kids create and implement systems to achieve their ideal work-life balance. They love diving into the data to gain clarity, and leaning into your zones of genius to gain momentum.🎧

Everyone who knows me, knows that I love organisation and systems. Understanding where your business is at through your Key Metrics is vital for the success and growth of your business and serving your customers.

⭐ Bec & Joe have been kind enough to share a webinar they created on understanding your unique Kajabi membership metrics - make sure you check out the show notes!⭐

Show notes: