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Her Empire Builder

Oct 9, 2019

Leanne Hegarty is a Partner within KPMG working with large private and family-owned businesses and high net worth individuals.

She’s also been my accountant for nearly 10 years so I know what an incredible woman she is. In today’s interview, she talks about what it’s been like as a woman rising up in a traditionally male-dominated industry when so many deals take place on the golf course. How she brought her baby to work, how she runs marathons to stay sane and the money mistakes that you could be making.

Leanne has been advising clients for more than 25 years and has her own businesses as well.

She is unique in her view that business owners cannot be viewed in isolation of their business and any work must be done in parallel to achieve the goals of the individual and the business. Imagine the stories of all of the interesting people she knows!