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Her Empire Builder with Tina Tower

Mar 2, 2021

🎧 My guest this week on Her Empire Builder Podcast is one of my beautiful Mastermind members, Jo Blowfield. You will hear from this interview, that Jo is one of the sweetest gems that I am so very lucky to have in my orbit and yes, there is a point where we go in to a total LOVE fest - but I am so here for it! 🎧

Not only is Jo a beautiful person, she is also a sales & marketing GURU, and has worked in the industry for over 20 years. She currently owns The Sales Mastery Company and The Marketing Company, which collectively helped over 10,000 businesses in over 20 countries make over $2billion in extra sales. Jo is a professional speaker, trainer, and toastmaster, and has contributed to her local community by being a Business Mentor with Business Mentors New Zealand for 15 years and advises several charities with their marketing, sponsorship and promotion. Jo also helps in running a soup kitchen in Mt Roskill, Auckland New Zealand.

When COVID hit, Jo faced a crucial moment in her face-to-face business, and in order to survive, pivoted in to the magical world of online courses. After joining Her Empire Builder 12 months ago, Jo had her first launch and made over $85,000 in just one month!

⭐ Jo shares her business journey, her growth, and some incredible tips on how to up your sales game, and how Her Empire Builder Mastermind has quite literally changed her life (and I didn’t even ask her to say that!)⭐ 

Show notes: