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Her Empire Builder with Tina Tower

Apr 27, 2021

Today I get to sit down with the gorgeous Kelsey Chapman to discuss everything there is to know about mentorship in business and in life.

Kelsey is an author, podcaster and personal cheerleader to women building their dream life and business. When she first launched her own brand in 2015, she leaned on the shoulders of incredible mentors who took her under their wing and taught her how to make the jump from dreamer to doer. 

We speak about the difference between business coach and mentors, where to find them, how to approach them, and how long to work with them.

I’ve had business mentors throughout my entire business journey and one that I have had for 17 years who I still reach out to when I need advice or support.

Mentorship, masterminds, business coaching, anything that can surround you with a tribe of people that are in your corner is the most fabulous superpower.

Show notes: