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Her Empire Builder with Tina Tower

Mar 30, 2021

Creating content which adds massive value for your audience is a huge part of the online course business world. But, it takes a lot of time, planning, creating and implementing your content strategy!

Today I get to chat to the gorgeous Kayla Butler, CEO of Ivory Mix, where she works with content creators to improve their organic marketing and content strategies. Kayla believes success comes from simplification, imperfect action, and having fun.

I’ve been a part of Kayla Butler’s membership for about 6 months now, and it has saved me so much time in planning, creating and implementing my content strategy by using her Canva templates and beautiful stock photography.

In this episode, Kayla shares some absolute content creation & marketing gold, including the types of content you need to best suit your business model.

Gone are the days of aesthetically looking feeds, it’s all about high engagement, shareable and saveable content for your audience, giving them snippets in to who you are, what you do, and how YOU can best serve THEM.