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Her Empire Builder with Tina Tower

Nov 25, 2020

Today I have one of my Mastermind members in Her Empire Builder sharing with you how she started and scaled her online program SCOOD, to over 6 figures in it’s first year and taking you behind the scenes of her course growth.


Stacey Hughes has had a lot of business experience before jumping into the online course world and is the director of CQ Nutrition, a leading chain of dietitian clinics across Queensland.


Together with husband Chris, Stacey has grown the business from a single clinic to a chain of five (and growing).


The flagship program of CQ Nutrition is the SCOOD Health Challenge and Online Course, which gives participants the chance to win huge cash prizes as a motivator to complete the online weight loss course.


Most importantly, every participant is supported and coached to lose weight the healthy way—and keep it off. The average weight loss of the program is 4.4 kilos and more than 3,000 kilos have been lost since launching in 2019.


When not launching challenges and managing a team of fifteen staff, Stacey is a busy mum of four. Fun fact: she owns every Jamie Oliver cookbook, is a coffee addict and even trained as a barista to perfect the art of making coffee!  


Stacey is the most wonderful, down to earth human and seems to have no idea how awesome she actually is, but I know after hearing her today, you’ll totally agree and find out why she deserves every inch of success she has.